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FL Studio Mobile is designed to create music on android. It was produced by the famous company IMAGE-LINE. With it there is paid content, and there is absolutely no advertising. FL STUDIO MOBILE is surely a single application with which you can create various music tracks on tablets or on all familiar smartphones, saving them in separate files.

Developer: Unknown
Price: $14.99

Using this application, it is very simple to form not only elementary melodies, but also to write real hits with your own hands. In the fl studio mobile there is an opportunity to transfer the started project from a personal computer to a regular telephone to improve the composition being created.

Advantages of the FL Studio Mobile application:
1) There are more than a hundred necessary instruments for recording the necessary tracks;
2) To enhance the effect there is a duplicate of devices;
3) A phased sequencer works, which is designed to adjust the bass;
4) There is a tuned piano keyboard, and drum parts;
5) There is a special line for preliminary listening to recordings;
6) Freely adjusts the volume, the necessary special effects and sound volume;
7) Standing sound quality and continuous operation from a standard battery;
8) There are all kinds of bass parts for the start of a planned project, as well as a limiter, hold, reverb, filter and equalizer;
9) About a hundred sequencers that contain intuitive sentences for editing music;
10) Metronome to adjust the length of the track;
11) Download, save music projects;
12) The smallest OS for which FL STUDIO MOBILE is suitable is 2.3.3;
13) It works with any screen resolutions.

Price: $14.99
‎FL Studio Mobile
Price: $14.99+

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