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Microsoft Word – The application combines the familiar look, feel and quality of Office with intuitive touch controls designed for Android phones and tablets. Word is ideal for creating documents, viewing them, and quickly editing on the go. Office applications provide the highest quality document processing, the formatting and contents of which remain unchanged on any device. You can access documents in the cloud at any time.

The free Microsoft Word application provides key features — viewing, creating, and editing documents — on devices that have a screen size of 10.1 inches or less. Access all your Word features with an Office 365 subscription.

  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot
  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot
  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot
  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot
  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot
  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot
  • Microsoft Word: Edit Documents Screenshot

Create perfect documents

Modern, professionally designed templates allow you to quickly start working on a project or task, or create any document: letter, blog article, script, note, review or resume. And formatting tools and markup options will help accurately express your ideas, because Word documents look the same on a smartphone and on a computer.

Comfortable reading, creativity and editing

In reading mode, it is convenient to get acquainted with long documents, letters, scripts and PDF files. In addition, the latter can be easily edited: convert the PDF document to Word, make changes, convert it back and share it in just a couple of touches.

Collaborate on the go

Make suggestions by leaving comments right next to snippets of text. Any user will be able to participate in the discussion and follow the latest changes in the text, markup and formatting of documents. And thanks to the improved version history, you can always see how the file looked in the previous steps.

Convenient sharing control

With one touch, open access to your documents and PDF files so that your colleagues can view and edit them. At the same time, you fully control access to each document and see who works with it. Word files can also be sent by e-mail – in the attachment or simply by copying their contents directly into the text of the letter with the preservation of formatting.


  • OS version: requires a device with a supported version of Android and a processor based on ARM or Intel x86. Support for Kitkat and Lollipop devices will remain in effect until June 2019.
  • At least 1 GB of RAM


  • You can use images, tables, charts, SmartArt objects, links, formulas, etc., all of which will be perfectly formatted
  • Word documents look just as great as they do on a computer
  • View your email attachments and access all your Word documents from OneDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint
  • Start where you left off last time, because Word knows what document you were working on, no matter what device you are using
  • Print Word documents
  • Open DOC and DOCX files
‎Microsoft Word
Price: Free+

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