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Photomath – an application that will be a real salvation for students and their parents. You will no longer need mountains of mathematics, as this service can solve almost any example or equation in a matter of seconds. In addition, you will have the opportunity to even look at the solution steps and the formulas that were applied in the task.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Photomath is a new word in mathematics. You will no longer have difficulties with solving boring equations, since the program can not only give the correct answer, but also explain where it came from. Now, missed algebra lessons are no longer scary, because the service can accurately, and most importantly correctly explain the step-by-step solution to any examples.

The application has several ways to enter values. The most convenient and popular is photo scanning. Working with this mode is easier than taking a photo. You just need to point the lens at the selected equation, and after a few seconds the service will automatically show the correct answer.

The frames of the camera can be moved as you like. This feature allows you to scan examples of any length and complexity to make working with Photomath simple and straightforward. The program recognizes printed text very well, and in the latest version a capital font function has been added.

When recognizing texts, the service practically does not make a mistake. But still, the developers prudently took into account the fact that there may be inaccuracies, and provided their application with the function of text correction. If you see an error in the selected task, simply correct the sign for the correct one and the program will automatically recount the final result.

Photomath Features:

  • Calculator with camera
  • Handwriting recognition (NEW FUNCTION)
  • Step by step instructions
  • Smart calculator

Use Photomath + to get even more features:

  • Complete step by step instructions
  • Colorful explanations
  • Additional math knowledge
Price: Free
Price: Free+

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