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Snapseed is a full-fledged photo editor that allows you to adjust photos, sharpen images and improve the overall picture quality. Here are more than 25 different tools to work with pictures brought you real pleasure.

In Snapseed, you can change the whole photo, or use a selective brush. It allows you to apply some parameters pointwise and adjust only a small fragment of the picture. The application allows you to change the size or resolution of the image, and convert it from one format to another.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

The application is able to give your photo more clarity and sharpness. There is also the opportunity to make clearer contours of an object or person, and thereby maximally distinguish it from the rest of the image.

The application allows you to rotate the photo 90 degrees or align the picture along the horizon. You can also adjust the white balance, and make the image more natural and natural. With this application, you can feel like a real professional, and get, in the end, a high-quality, bright image.

Snapseed makes it possible to precisely remove unwanted people from photos. Just circle the desired object or person and the application will delete it from the group picture. Using the “Vignette” mode, you can add some softness to your pictures and create a slight dimming around the edges.

Key features:

  • 25 tools and filters, including Spot Correction, Brush, Structure, HDR Effect, Perspective (see list below)
  • Opens both JPG and DNG files
  • For convenient work with changes, a set is used
  • Selective correction brush
  • Fine-tuned filters
Price: Free
Price: Free

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