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Uber is one of the most popular world services that allows you to travel to any address or to another city on a vehicle selected by the person who made the order, if you need to get to the desired destination as quickly and as possible at an affordable price, ordering a Uber taxi is one of the most profitable solutions.

Uber - Request a ride
Uber - Request a ride
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Advantages of Uber:

  • Cost is known in advance – in the Uber, the cost of the trip is indicated at the order stage, so that you can pre-evaluate and compare different options.
  • Your safety is our priority – we strive to make each trip as safe as possible: we develop new protection technologies, monitor compliance with community rules and make sure that both users and driver partners feel comfortable.
  • Sending Travel Data – to ensure that loved ones do not worry about you and know that you have safely reached home or on a visit, use the “Show me where” function and share the status of the trip with them.
  • Emergency communication directly from the application – if an emergency occurs during your trip, you can call your local emergency service directly through the Uber app. The trip and your location data will be displayed on the screen so that you can quickly transfer it to the operator.
  • Rate drivers and tip – you can always rate the driver and add a small comment, as well as leave a tip directly through the application.
Uber - Request a ride
Price: Free

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