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DU Recorder is a free, reliable application for recording clear and high-quality video from the screen of an Android device. DU Recorder has many features, such as screen recording, video recording and video editing, and does not require root access. This is a convenient tool for recording video from the screen, for example, clips from games, video calls, live broadcasts, etc. will simplify your life!

  • DU Screen Recorder - DU Video Recorder Screenshot
  • DU Screen Recorder - DU Video Recorder Screenshot
  • DU Screen Recorder - DU Video Recorder Screenshot
  • DU Screen Recorder - DU Video Recorder Screenshot
  • DU Screen Recorder - DU Video Recorder Screenshot

Benefits of DU Recorder:

  • Totally FREE, no in-app purchases
  • NO adverts, recording time restrictions, NO root access required.
  • HIGH-QUALITY video: 1080p, 12 Mb / s, 60 frames / s
  • For the whole world: user interface in more than 20 languages

Screen recording

DU Recorder stably and quickly records the contents of the screen. With it, you can create video passages of popular games, as well as record video calls of relatives and friends or popular programs from Twitch and Periscope! Free features of DU Recorder:

  • Many options for resolution, frame rate and bit rate; HD video support
  • Pause / resume recording
  • Using the front camera
  • Record external sound
  • Control recording using a floating window or notification bar; the ability to hide the floating window for shooting in full screen
  • Display operations on a click in a record
  • Shake your device to stop screen recording
  • Alternative storage: Internal storage / SD card
  • Brush Function: Touch the screen to draw
  • Connect to a computer via Wi-Fi to download your videos and screenshots on a computer

Video editing

DU Recorder has powerful and easy-to-use editing features to help you create great videos. In DU Recorder, you can perform the following operations:

  • Crop video: delete selected parts of the video
  • Video Merge: Combine multiple videos into one
  • Adding background music
  • Change the sound volume

Screenshots and image editor

DU Recorder allows you to take screenshots with the click of a finger. You no longer need to press and hold two buttons – everything has become faster and easier! You can also share your screenshots with friends and use the built-in editing tools to crop and combine local images.

  • A notification bar or a floating window allows you to take screenshots with one click
  • Combining multiple images into one
  • Image Blur – Pixelization of areas of the image that you do not want to display
  • Crop the image to get the perfect shot

View and publish videos

  • Easily view videos using the floating window and notification bar
  • Publishing videos on social networks. Share the video with your friends
  • Change the name of the video or local video pages for easy management

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