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Fruit Ninja it’s arcade game in which the player’s task is to cut fruits at the speed on which the set of points depends, and not to cut periodically arising bombs.

Fruit Ninja®
Fruit Ninja®
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Who is the best master of fruit salads? Crush standard fruits with your sword, collect points, but if you get a special banana – wait for a bonus that increases the number of points or slows down the game. And if you get pitaya – special luck, do not miss – immediately plus fifty points. But do not gape, three missed fruits or a bomb not noticed in time – and the game is over. But for every hundred points one life is added.

Fight with your friends and show them your perfect ninja skills by getting into the leaderboard and playing in local multiplayer. ”
Looking for a real test? Follow Special Tournaments and fight against other ninjas for a chance to win unique knives and dojos. But that’s not all, increase your advantage by going into the game every day and getting daily prizes, including rare blades and dojos that can be used in other game modes!

There has never been a better time to start playing Fruit Ninja, so draw your sword and get ready for a fun and exciting game!

Features Fruit Ninja:

  • internet connection is not necessary
  • endless classic gameplay in classic mode
  • a game of time in arcade mode
  • a large number of bonuses
  • daily tournaments
Fruit Ninja®
Price: Free
‎Fruit Ninja®
Price: Free+

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