Rusted Warfare

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Rusted Warfare RTS is a strategy game. It is much like the games of Total Annihilation, Dune, as well as Command and Conquer, and in no way inferior to them. These three games were taken as the basis for the creation of Rusted Warfare RTS. Perhaps it’s worth learning a little more about this application.

Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy
Rusted Warfare - RTS Strategy
Developer: Unknown
Price: $1.99

In the game Rusted Warfare RTS, you are honored to become the commander in chief and manage your army. Do you think you can handle it? Doubt it? And you try! You have to start from the bottom. But you can rise to heights! First build your base, then go to training with your wars – they must be the most powerful, brave and courageous to win the battle! Then go to the battlefield. Keep the defense – do not let the enemies penetrate your territory. Defend your side! And then, when your ill-wishers do not have any strength left, go on the offensive – show everyone who is the best, smartest and most talented commander in chief! Win the victory! Reach what you dreamed about when you were just starting your career as commander in chief.

Play to be in real time. There are several modes to choose from. Namely – survival (subtype of tower defense), fast game and campaign. There are also a large number of locations (ground and air – what do you like more?). The game Rusted Warfare RTS has a large number of a wide variety of weapons and military equipment. In this application, there is also the opportunity to create your own, unique level. It will be completely new, unlike anything. And after creating go to multiplayer, and play there. Test your own work. The game, like all the applications on which it was created, has a minimalistic, but very nice interface.

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