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Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game in which two teams must battle in an environment with obstacles and various interactive elements. Your goal: to teach the other team well.

Managing your character is pretty easy. You only need to press and drive. You can get a chance to win.

In Brawl Stars you will find various game modes. You must finish the game with more stars than the other team. You need to fight other players in an epic ‘death fight’.

Swift battles in multiplayer mode from the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach.

Fight solo or with friends in a variety of game modes lasting up to three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of fighters with powerful superpowers. Buy and collect unique skins to stand out in the game and look spectacular in the arena. Join a gang or create your own with friends to exchange tactics and joint battles.

Brawl Stars
Brawl Stars
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


  • Capture crystals (3 by 3): join forces with teammates and develop tactics that will crush the enemy team. To win, you need to collect and hold 10 crystals. If you die, crystals will be lost.
  • Collision (single and double mode available): battle for survival in the style of the royal battle. Collect amps for your fighter. Play solo or with a friend and try to survive in this crazy battle of survival. The winner gets it all!
  • Reward for capture (3 on 3): defeat opponents to earn stars, but do not let them get yourself. The team with more stars will win!
  • Robbery (3 to 3): try to break into the safe of the enemy team, while remembering to defend your own. Examine the map and make your way to the enemy’s treasures by stealth or sweeping away everything in its path.
  • Bowlball (3 on 3): a whole new game! Show your football skills: the team that scored 2 goals first will win. A game without red cards.
  • Special events: time-limited battle modes with bots and other players.


Collect and upgrade fighters with incredible superpowers, increase their level with the help of strength points and collect unique skins.


Prove that you are the best fighter by increasing your rating in local and global leaderboards!


Expect new fighters, skins, maps, special events and game modes in the future.

ATTENTION! You can download Brawl Stars and play it for free, but some game items sell for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please disable the in-app purchases in the settings of your device. In accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, only users over 13 years old can download and play Brawl Stars.


  • 3-on-3 battles in real time with players from around the world
  • Created specifically for mobile platforms, a quick battle for survival in multiplayer mode
  • All the fighters that can be opened in the game have a unique attack technique and the special SUPER ability
  • New events and game modes every day
  • Battles solo and in team
  • Local and global leaderboards
  • Join a club or create your own to share tips with other players and participate in joint battles
  • Skins, opening which you can change the appearance of the fighters
  • Maps created by players with new opportunities to improve skill

Download .apk 32.170 original (157mb)

Download .apk 32.170 mod (195mb)

(reBrawl classic private server with unlimited money, gems, etc)

Brawl Stars
Price: Free
‎Brawl Stars
Price: Free+

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