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Zepeto is a fun and unusual social network. In Zepeto, you need to create a cartoon character that is as similar as possible to yourself, and introduce him to other people. With this service you can invite friends to chat, chat, make friends and just have fun, completely copying your life, and turning it into a kind of game. Character creation is based on your photography.

ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play
ZEPETO: Avatar, Connect & Play
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Take a picture of yourself using the application or select a finished picture from your gallery. Convert a photo to a three-dimensional image. Choose a hairstyle, hair color, clothing style, accessories. Socialize the character – for different occasions of communication – let him greet, say goodbye, get angry, invite you to visit. If desired, you can edit the face. Build a room for him: wallpaper, floor, decor. Choose a mood: romantic, sad, funny.

You can use the resulting character as an avatar to create emoji pictures. All this is useful for communicating in chat rooms and social networks.

Features of the Zepeto application:

  • large selection of clothes
  • the ability to choose hairstyles, beards, hair color
  • the mood of the character is easy to understand by the expression on his face
  • ample opportunities to create an environment
  • the app is completely free

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