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Airbnb is an application that helps travelers find out about various hotels, events or restaurants in more than 150 countries. Now the entire service will be in your smartphone and you can always use it.

Those who like to explore new spaces know firsthand how hard it is to find good housing or various services in a foreign country. On the Internet there is a lot of false information and scammers who want to cash in on tourists. To prevent your vacation from becoming a disaster, use proven services to find a place to live.

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Price: Free

Airbnb is a kind of directory that contains the most important and truthful information that can be useful to any traveler. With this application, you can find a home to taste. Here, apartment owners place their proposals, backing them with detailed photographs.

Before settling into their house, you can communicate with them directly in the application. The system is equipped with a special chat in which you can correspond with the owners of the apartments. This is very convenient, because you do not have to provide them with your phone number or add to personal messengers.

If you unexpectedly decided to change your image on vacation, find in the application beauty salons that are located near you. For the convenience of users, the location of all places can be viewed on the map. With its help it will be easier to navigate in an unfamiliar area.

If you want your trip to be unforgettable, plan the right events for yourself. The program shows all the passing holidays and celebrations that you can visit. Here you can find any activity to your taste: from day trips to weekly trips to neighboring cities for an excursion.

If you like to eat deliciously and gourmetly, select a restaurant in Airbnb to your liking. The application shows all similar establishments that are nearby with your hotel. There you will find tips from the owners of institutions or even from world stars.

Airbnb features

For travelers:

  • Book your vacation accommodation and experience for your next trip, whether it be an individual trip, a vacation with children or a business trip
  • Book last-minute vacation rentals or long-term rental apartments
  • Keep your favorite rental options, as well as impressions and places; invite friends and relatives to plan a trip together
  • Add experiences and events to your itinerary
  • Chat with owners of booked accommodation and get directions

For homeowners:

  • Rent accommodation to travelers or conduct excursions that reveal the most interesting facets of your city
  • Update rental housing data and availability calendar
  • Share interesting information about your area in the guide
  • Chat with guests and manage your booking
Price: Free
Price: Free

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