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Microsoft Excel is official Excel application for Android phones and tablets. Microsoft Excel for Android is designed to work on the go. Excel provides the ability to sort and analyze data. The application combines the appearance, functionality and quality of familiar Office applications and the intuitive touch input developed for Android phones and tablets. Excel provides maximum productivity when doing any job: from creating informative spreadsheets to easy viewing and making edits on the go. You can work confidently, knowing that your changes are saved automatically and you won’t lose formatting or data by switching to another device. At any time, you can easily find your spreadsheets in the cloud.

Free Excel application provides a basic set of functions for viewing, creating and editing documents on devices whose screen size does not exceed 10.1 inches. Access to all Excel features requires an Office 365 subscription.

  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot
  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot
  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot
  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot
  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot
  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot
  • Microsoft Excel: Spreadsheets Screenshot

Reliable functions for document creation, calculation and analysis

Modern Excel templates make it easy to create various documents, whether it is a budget, task list, accounting or financial analysis. Use familiar formulas for calculations and data analysis and easily format tables as you like: all functions and application formulas work the same on any device.

View and edit documents on the go

Browse Excel files, edit data and edit task lists on any device, wherever you are. Sheets can be easily created, copied, hidden and displayed, and the sorting and filtering functions will help you focus on the data you need.

Data visualization

Standard charts provide a visual representation of the data. Use the functions to add and change chart labels to highlight what’s important.

Drawing and creating handwritten notes

On devices that support touch input, using the drawing function in Excel, you can take notes, select parts of a sheet, create shapes or mathematical formulas.

Convenient sharing control

A couple of touches give other users the right to edit, view or comment files directly from the worksheet. The contents of the sheet can be sent by e-mail, copying it in the same format to the message text. And to share the spreadsheet, just provide a link to it or send it as an attachment.


  • OS version: requires a device with a supported version of Android and a processor based on ARM or Intel x86. Support for Kitkat and Lollipop devices will remain in effect until June 2019
  • At least 1 GB of RAM


  • You can use formulas, tables, charts, notes, pivot tables, sparklines, and conditional formatting to see the big picture
  • Excel spreadsheets look just as great as they do on a computer
  • View your email attachments and access all your Excel spreadsheets from OneDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint
  • Start where you left off last time, because Excel knows which spreadsheet you worked on, regardless of which device you are using
  • Print Excel worksheets
  • Open XLS and XLSX files
‎Microsoft Excel
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